Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reviewing And The Stars Danced by Bailey Bradford

And The Stars Danced (A Little Something ExTra #1) by Bailey Bradford 2*

BLURB: Elliot's always been an outcast—the crazy one in the family—mocked by people and locked in psych wards more times than he can count. His life was normal until he saw the stars move. But a person can only take so much torment, so much pain. Elliot might or might not be mentally ill. He doesn't know. What he is sure of is that he's had enough.
And if he thought his life was strange before, when he finds himself abducted and held in a secret government facility populated with AI's—Artificial Intelligence beings—all the scary things he's experienced before then can't compare to what they want to do to him.
Karl is an artist whose only companion is his Irish wolfhound, Ian. His current work is a sheet of copper he finds himself puncturing in an erratic manner. Then one night he steps outside, and the stars move.
Elliot, Karl and Ian are about to embark on an adventure that will send them running for their lives, and into a reality they would never have imagined possible. Outer space, new worlds, and old treachery await them, along with very shocking revelations about what and who they really are.

My Review: I was given a copy in return for an honest review Unfortunately this book was not for me. Don't get me wrong there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it but it just didn't work for me. It was a potpourri of some very popular tropes for m/m books and a whole lot of Sci-Fi tropes on top, as if the author decided to throw in as many as possible to cater for all tastes. The book has A.I.'s, aliens, shape shifting, m-preg, tentacle sex, and Area 51, and that was in the first half!! If you don't mind all those tropes in one book then you will probably do better than I did with this book. I however, just ended up struggling to finish it. At least it had a happy ending and no cliff-hanger so I was spared that.

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