Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review of Silk by Chris Karlsen

Silk (The Bloodstone Series Book 1) by Chris Karlsen 3*
BLURB: London-Fall, 1888
The city is in a panic as Jack the Ripper continues his murderous spree. While the Whitechapel police struggle to find him, Detective Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone and his partner are working feverishly to find their own serial killer. The British Museum's beautiful gardens have become a killing ground for young women strangled as they stroll through.
Their investigation has them brushing up against Viscount Everhard, a powerful member of the House of Lords, and a friend to Queen Victoria. When the circumstantial evidence points to him as a suspect, Rudyard must deal with the political blowback, and knows if they are going to go after the viscount, they'd better be right and have proof.
As the body count grows and the public clamour for the detectives to do more, inter-department rivalries complicate the already difficult case.

My Review: Review Copy provided by Author in return for honest review I don't really read a lot of serial killer stuff but the blurb was so different to the normal kind of mystery story that I was intrigued, especially by the front cover tag: What would you do to stay young: Lie, Manipulate..kill?. I am afraid that my lack of enjoyment in murder mysteries might have had a lot to do with the fact that even though I really loved Rudyard as a character I just couldn't stay interested in the story. Though it could also have been the fact that I have been hooked on an Sci-fi audio series and can't get into anything else. I will say that Chris has a way with words that kept me reading even when I wasn't that invested in the book and if you want to read a mystery/suspense that is intense, hard hitting, has a light romantic touch and is generally well written then go and get this book.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A week since last update

and I have read a fair few books and listened to some great audio books.

Mostly though I've been getting ready for Christmas and my trip across to Essex to see my middle son and his Wife-to-be. Roll on October 2015 to be able to call her daughter for real.

I don't usually do more than rate audio books but today I want to recommend one I've been listening to lately.

Audio Book: Koban, Book 1 Written by: Stephen W. Bennett Narrated by: Patrick Freeman Length: 25 hrs and 24 mins
BLURB: We colonized seven hundred planets. Humankind enjoyed the benefits of expansion and the end of wars. We disbanded our military.
Then the Krall found us.
The Krall have used thousands of years of combat to select the genes of the strongest and fastest warriors. They are a species determined to dominate the galaxy, through annihilation or enslavement of every opponent.
Koban is an uninhabited high gravity planet with impossibly fast savage animals, which employ organic superconducting nerves. This deadly world is where the Krall are testing humans for fighting capability. We are useful only if we can fight well. If not, they will destroy us swiftly, as they have other species. They have slaves, and we're poor tasting meat animals, so we fight or die. The Krall will use us, if worthy, seeking physical perfection through attrition of war, one planet at a time.
Growing weary of our failures in testing, the ruthless Krall are on the verge of a decision to eliminate our species. A ship carrying bio-scientists is captured for combat testing. The choice for Captain Mirikami and the scientists is simple: Prove we can produce better, smarter fighters quickly, or humanity is doomed to rapid extermination.
But the Krall are only half the problem. We must survive Koban's gravity and superfast animals. The tiger-like rippers with skin contact telepathy are predators too fast and powerful for the Krall to face. Our solution is genetic: If you can't beat them as you are, become human rippers.
The Krall will learn another species can bypass natural selection.

My Review: The sound effects really enhanced the listening enjoyment of this book but mostly the storyline had me hooked. So much so that for once I was carrying my Kindle Fire on dog walks and whilst doing dishes etc. instead of using my laptop to listen to it. Since then I have started to listen to Book 2 Mark of Koban and it threw me at first as it has a different narrator and no sound effects, but again, the story is so intense that it soon made no difference and yet again I am carrying the Kindle every where so that I don't miss a moment of the story.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Review of Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin #2) by Jordan L. Hawk

Threshold (Whyborne & Griffin #2) by Jordan L. Hawk 5*
BLURB: Introverted scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne wants nothing more than to live quietly with his lover, ex-Pinkerton detective Griffin Flaherty. Unfortunately, Whyborne's railroad tycoon father has other ideas, namely hiring Griffin to investigate mysterious events at a coal mine.
Whyborne, Griffin, and their friend Christine travel to Threshold Mountain, a place of dark legend even before the mine burrowed into its heart. A contingent of Pinkertons-including Griffin's ex-lover Elliot-already guard the mine. But Griffin knows better than anyone just how unprepared the detectives are to face the otherworldly forces threatening them.
Soon, Whyborne and Griffin are on the trail of mysterious disappearances, deadly accidents, and whispered secrets. Is Elliot an ally, or does he only want to rekindle his relationship with Griffin? And if so, how can Whyborne possibly hope to compete with the stunningly handsome Pinkerton-especially when Griffin is hiding secrets about his past?
For in a town where friends become enemies and horror lurks behind a human mask, Whyborne can't afford to trust anything-including his own heart.

My Review: Having enjoyed book one of this series I decided it was time for me to read book two and see if it stands up against the first one. It does! It was an excellent historical thriller which just happened to have two guys who are lovers solving the mystery. The relationship was beautifully woven into the drama and action of an exciting detective story. I am falling for the main two characters but I know I'm in love with the supernatural aspects of the mysteries they have to solve. I am definitely going to be reading the rest of the series sooner or later.

I have also been reading a great little short story series Called Tri Omega Mates by Stormy Glenn. They are quick easy and each is a little different in the way the three way relationship goes even though the premise is identical for each. I gave them all 4* ratings but haven't bothered reviewing them individually.

I've listened to some audio books most of which were repeats of ones I'd already listened to just because I was in that kind of mood.