Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Attending a wedding

I know I told you all a couple of days ago, but I just thought I'd let you all know again, that I will be absent from the internet for a while as I am travelling tomorrow to Essex. I have a new daughter to welcome to the family when she marries my middle son on Friday :D So excited!!!

Meanwhile I want to give you all a heads up that the blog tours I will be joining will be on the 20th and the 30th and for the first time ever I will have a rafflecopter contest up (if I can get the link I can sort out getting the links to work :D).

I will be posting some reviews up for the books but, as always, I will be totally honest regardless of my being a part of the tour.

So ta-ra for now and I'll be back by next Monday, without a hangover I hope (teetotaller who will be having a drink or two at the wedding :D).

Friday, October 02, 2015

Some LGBQ story sites that I like.

Today I thought I'd promote some online places that are GBLQ themed and have both excellent artwork and storylines.

1. The Young Protectors + The Artifice
This is a graphic novel site that I actually am helping through Patreon.
2. Starfighter
Another graphic novel site where the artwork is black and white and very sexually graphic
3. Raythe Reign
This is a site with vivid, dark, erotic serial stories and graphic novel featuring gay (m/m, yaoi) and straight (m/f, het) pairings. Unfortunately you need to be a member to read past the first few chapters of any of the stories but it's worth the expense.
4. Yaoifix
Another membership site but this one has a variety of authors with some great stories.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

QRM + Blog promoting

I decided that I should do a little something to help promote Queer Romance Month but as I'm only an ally I don't know enough to speak about being GLBT. That said I am (as most of you already know) an avid reader of all things not Stephen King horror like so I've been flitting around the various blogs reading other peoples take on this month.

I have found the perfect blog that has plenty of posts that are interesting to read and of enough variety that I'm sure one of them will appeal to more or less anyone (excluding bigots and non-Christian religious nutters). It's called Queer Romance Month and can be found here. Go, read and learn, it's fun.