Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of month catch up

Been catching up on Christmas gift making (not saying what as I don't want to spoil the surprise for family members ;)) and I've also got a small pile of baby stuff for PreemiesUK that I need to find a box for so that I can post it off.

I've read a few short stories that I have rated but not reviewed, plus rereading Omorphi put me in the mood to reread another book and I picked up Wolverine's Daughter by Doranna Durgin (which was also just as good the second time around.)

Short stories:

Faerly Furry (Club Soulfinder, #2) Amber Kell 4*

The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds by Charley Descoteaux 4*

Human Rights by S.L. Armstrong

plus I listened to this and might I suggest you listen to this in private (with plenty of tissues handy) or get used to the strange looks you get when you burst out laughing or crying whilst on the emotional roller-coaster that is T.J.'s writings.

Audiobook: Who We Are by T. J. Klune Narrated by: Charlie David Narration 5* Story 5*

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reading series books and rereading Omorphi

Forbidden (Planet Alpha #5)by J.J. Lore 4*
BLURB: Working to heal wounded Alphan warriors is the new duty of bondmates Leo and Deklan. Although recovered from severe injuries received on the field of battle, they are no longer fit to fight. Their orderly, all-male existence is turned upside down when an injured human female becomes their new responsibility.
Aura Tremain wakes up in an alien hospital, healing from a beating delivered by the scaly Xyrans who’d kidnapped her. Upon her discharge, two handsome Alphan men offer her refuge until she’s well enough to travel.
Even though Leo and Deklan know they will never be permitted to bond with Aura as their souls demand, they can’t ignore the desire she stirs in them. Her time with them is short, but so intense. Will the intimacies they share be strong enough to withstand the expectation that bondmates are for battle-worthy warriors? Can their passion bind the three of them forever?

My Review This was (currently) the last one of the Planet Alpha series for me to read. As in all the other ones the story was interesting and erotic. In this case though it had a pair of Alphan's who were not the apex of warrior fitness and health but were still very, very hot and sexy. I loved the bad-ass attitude of Aura and thought she coped well with everything that happened to her. I especially liked the ending and the way it was so different from the previous ones I'd read.

Elijah's Ghost (A Wizard's Touch #4) by Amber Kell 4*
BLURB: It only takes one event to change the world.
Elijah Trenton had always been considered a weak wizard. With little magic and an overpowering father he’d expected to spend his life teaching. When an accident reveals his ability to talk to the dead, new possibilities open up.
Devin Stewartson had been eyeing Elijah for months. The shy redhead drew his eye from that first day, and only the thought of a relationship had him shying away. When Elijah saves Devin’s life, Devin decides some things are worth a chance.
Old enemies and new adversaries try to tear the two men apart, but love can withstand most anything and even death can’t part two men fated to be together.

My Review: I enjoyed reading another one in 'A Wizard's Touch' series but this one had a few twists and turns I hadn't expected. I don't want to say too much in case I give them away but I will add that I loved Reaper and hope to see him mentioned in future books. He might even replace Gideon as my favourite character in the series now.

The reread of Omorphi is just as emotional as the first read - why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah, I enjoy a good in depth heart breaker once in a while, especially if it has a happy ending :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tales From High Hallack, Volume 2 by Andre Norton

Tales from High Hallack, Volume 2: the collected short stories of Andre Norton (Tales from High Hallack #2)
by Andre Norton
BLURB: In the second volume of High Hallack, tales of high fantasy, science fiction and coming of age stories reach back to as far as 1943, yet are still as fresh and relevant today as when they were written. High Hallack was a place in Andre Norton's fiction, and was also the name of her genre writer's library she opened in Tennessee. It is a wonderous keep that she called home, and now High Hallack opens its gates and allows these amazing stories to unfold.
My Review: Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley I've had this book for a while now reading a story every now and then so as to enjoy them all individually. So today I was offered High Hallack 3 to review and decided to read the last two stories and put my review of it out there for everyone. I think that the thing I liked most about it is how versatile Andre was, she even wrote great poetry *jealous*, and how her stuff still resounds today as fresh and new as the day it was first published. Andre was an awesome author who had plenty of talent and I for one will miss being able to read new stuff by her. I think my favourite story was the one set in her Witch World series just because I was already very familiar with the setting in that one. Though all the others were excellent too with Rider on a Mountain being another favourite from the book for me just because it had mind speaking horses and ballsy felines in it :D I recommend this to all Andre Norton fans who might not have read it yet and to anyone who enjoys great high fantasy writing that contains wonderful characters and interesting worlds.

Record breaking

The Craft Club had their yarn bombing on Bank Holiday Monday and smashed the record with 13,388 pieces of crochet on display. Makes me feel proud to have been a small part of it (click on the link to see all the wonderful photos).

So on the reading front I have caught up with all the downloadable stories from Love's Landscape from before the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's 5th anniversary celebrations. Now to see if I can keep up with the remaining ones :D

Game On by Olley White 4*

Woven by Lor Rose 3*

Into the Wastelands by Gwynn Marssen 5*

Blood In The Water (An Act of Piracy, #1) by Tami Veldura 5*

Fleece, Fleas, and Flirtation by Ava Penn 4*

Omissions by Taylor Law 4*

One Step at a Time by S.N. Kat 4*

Apart from reading the above I also read two more Planet Alpha stories and listened to an audio book or two whilst starting on my gift crocheting.

Bondmate (Planet Alpha #1)by J.J. Lore 4*
BLURB: Decorated Alphan warriors Mateen and Bynton are on a clandestine mission to one of Earth’s refugee camps, in search of the one woman who might complete their bond. Tempering their instincts to capture and hold, both men realize they must court their chosen woman to win her trust.
Avanelle Rein is merely trying to survive in the chaos of a dying society. The last thing she expects is rescue at the hands of golden-skinned alien men. Despite her attraction to them, she fears their warrior ferocity.
Facing danger from Xyran raiders draws the three together as they explore their new relationship and one another. An unexpected challenge during an ancient claiming right forces Avanelle, Bynton, and Mateen to decide if their bond is strong enough to survive.

My Review: For me this was yet another great erotic, adventure story from the Planet Alpha series even though it is the first in the series. It's really fun to see how each author has their own twist on the ménage relationships predominant in these stories.

Proposition (Planet Alpha #3) by Beth D. Carter 4*
BLURB: Geoffrey DeWinter and his wife Keirah live on a dying Earth. The only refuge is an alien world that needs human women as mates, only Keirah refuses to leave her husband to save herself. Geoff decides to bring them to an auction house that takes married couples, accepting that he will have to share her with another.
Their shuttle is attacked by Xyran raiders looking for women and it's Keirah who defends them. When Captain Krig sees Keirah looking like an angel come to life, he wants her. The Alphan warrior wants her enough to accept her husband, thinking he will deal with Geoff in some way or another. But when a vengeful Xyran comes after Keirah they have to take refuge on a wilderness moon, forcing them to work together to survive. Is their love for Keirah enough to turn them into a family?

My Review: This was a lot different to the others in as much as the heroine was already happily married before meeting her Alphan mate. I liked the way Beth managed to show how the two guys interacted with each other without making the whole story clichéd and sloppy. I hope that the Planet Alpha stories continue to be this good.

Audiobook: Sunrise Alley by Catherine Asaro Narrated by: Hilary Huber Narration: 5 Story: 5

Audiobook: Magic's Promise The Last Herald Mage, Book 2 by Mercedes Lackey Narrated by: Gregory Nassiff St. John Narration : 5 Story: 5